About the 47th Ward Democrats

Our mission, values, what we do, who we do it for, and why we'd love you to join us.

Welcome, 47th Ward Democrats!

The 47th ward on Chicago's North Side is a place where we believe in progressive values like equal rights and opportunity for all. Our democratic ward organization sees a path to those values through politics. We work to elect strong Democrats who are faithful to those core values. We meet frequently and make decisions about our activities and endorsements collectively knowing the best way to energize people is to give them a voice. We work together with our Federal, State & Local elected representatives to make sure our communities' needs are met and our voices are heard.

The path to first place

Image of 47th Ward members marching.

We've become the number one Democratic vote-producing ward in Chicago. Let me say that again, Chicago is one of the most Democratic cities in the U.S., and the 47th Ward Democrats turns out the most votes for Democrats in Chicago!!

That also means we have the most say when it comes to deciding who the Cook County Democratic Party will endorse in our Primary election (*-slating/endorsements is done by weighted vote based on Democratic turnout in your ward).  

We have not always been the best Democratic turnout Ward in Chicago.  In fact, in 2014 we slipped all the way to 34th out of 50 Wards.  But we turned it around by opening the organization to a new era of Democratic activists, while still embracing a robust precinct operation.

This 2022 primary season, we are registering voters and collecting signatures to get strong Democrats on the ballot. Then we are all in to elect them to office in November 2022. Will you join us?  We strive to stay in the top Democratic voting ward in Chicago, but we can't do that without you.  We also know that our organization only gets stronger  with the inclusion of new and diverse voices. We would love to have you join us, we are truly making a difference in bringing progressive change to the city of Chicago, the state of Illinois and the White House.

Join the 47th Ward Democrats

Joining the 47th Ward Democrats means you are committed to bringing voice to our community values. 

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