Meet the 47th Ward Judicial Recommendation Committee
The 47th Ward Democratic Organization adopted new by-laws that includes a section that creates a Judicial Recommendation Committee comprised of attorney’s who live in our community.  This committee will recommend to the Committeeman which Judges should be slated and endorsed by the organization. “This committee is very important because it will reinforce with our voters that the process was done intelligently, with professionals who have the proper experience to give sound advice.  That builds voter confidence which is everything in politics!” -Paul Rosenfeld, 47th Ward Democratic Committeeman. This is a big, progressive reform from how judges are usually selected to be endorsed.  Traditionally, Democratic Committeeman make these decision amongst themselves.  Rosenfeld believes there’s a better way. “I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know the judges. The 47th Ward is home to some of the best legal minds in Cook County.  These people have a much better sense of who should serve on the bench then I do“. If you would like to learn about the people currently serving on the Judicial Recommendation committee please click on each individuals picture to go directly to their biography page.
michael-t-del-galdo Michael Del Galdo 47th Ward General Council hartportrait_web Steven Hart  
 sandy-morris-480x480 Sandy Morris jim Jim Erwin
brendanshillerBrandan Shiller   jack Jack Lydon
negron_coral_color Coral Negron saunders_david_color David Saunders
edelson_10-13_jay-308-edit_print-final Jay Edelson Matthew Belcher portrait. Photo by Andrew Collings. Matthew Belcher
38212bb Jennifer Russell Paul_Headshot Hon. Paul Rosenfeld