Meet the 47th Ward Candidate Recommendation Committee
The 47th Ward Democratic Organization adopted new by-laws that includes’ a section that creates a Candidate Recommendation committee, comprised of active community members of the 47th Ward with core Democratic values. This committee will recommend to the Committeeman which candidates should be slated and endorsed by the organization. “By creating the Candidate Recommendation committee and putting it in our by-laws we have ensured that decisions on who 47th ward Democrats will support are made collectively! ” -Paul Rosenfeld, 47th Ward Democratic Committeeman.  
  • Brian Daly
  • Carolyn Bull
  • Jeff Panici
  • Joe Cini
  • Bridget Gainer
  • Jim Poole
  • Joe Skroko
  • Eileeen and Richard Foxman
  • Jim Flynn
  • Michilla Blaise
  • Michael Del Galdo
  • Erick Norton
  • Jim Coffman
  • Jesse Lava
  • Mike Reever