About the 47th Ward Democrats

Paul Rosenfeld, Committeeman
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Welcome, Democrats! The 47th ward on Chicago’s north side is a place where we believe in progressive values like opportunity and equal rights for all. Our organization puts those values put into practice by working to elect strong Democrats. We meet frequently and make decisions about our activities and endorsements collectively—knowing the best way to energize people is to give them a voice. We’ve become one of the top ward organizations in the city. Between 2012 and 2016, we went from 29th to 3rd in Democratic turnout. We were the single best ward for Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth, and fourth best for IL Comptroller Susana Mendoza. This primary season, we are registering voters and collecting signatures to get strong Democrats on the ballot—then we’ll work our butts off to elect them to office. Will you join us? We aim to be Chicago’s single best Democratic organization for voter turnout, organizing, and inclusion of new voices. We can’t do that without you. Do your part to bring progressive change to the city of Chicago, the state of Illinois—and ultimately the White House.
The 47th Ward Democratic Organization is here to serve our community on Chicago’s north side—our neighborhoods, our schools, our blocks. We do it by helping residents vote and identifying the candidates who will stand up for core Democratic values like opportunity and equal rights for all. Sometimes residents hear a lot about well-publicized races for president or governor but don’t hear enough about less glamorous races that have a big impact on our lives. The 47th Ward Democratic Organization works to serve this community’s residents by electing good public servants up and down the ballot. “Rosenfeld and Pawar have joined forces. They are united in an effort to combine TIF funds with corporate dollars to improve their neighborhood schools to attract new families to the 47th Ward and keep them there.”

– Carol Marin

Chicago Sun-Times
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